Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"It's Truly Amazing"

"Miracle" John David Webster

I love the way you touch me, I'm so amazed
Your beauty speaks a thousand words,
and then it takes my breath away
You burn me up like fire,
and then you pour on me like rain
It's truly amazing, like a miracle

I see you in the sun that shines in the sky
I hear you in the sound of the oceans tide
I feel you in this gentle breeze tonight
I try to explain it,
It's a miracle to me

You can move my mountains, you still my soul
You whisper to me like the wind, but it shakes me to the bone
Your Spirit takes me far away, but I feel just right at home
It's truly amazing, like a miracle


Truth be told
I just wasn't one for miracles
Let's just say I've changed my view
Cause loving you I've been awaken
The earth starts quaking
I'm blown away I'm overtaken
By the miracle, the miracle of you


Oh Yea, Oh Yea a miracle to me

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