Saturday, November 17, 2007

God's Provision

Just recently I watched God answer a tremendous need in a close friend's life. It came at pretty much the last available moment.

Why does God's provision seem to come just before the bottom drops out?

If we look at the Story of Moses and the Israelites we can understand why. read full story

With the Red Sea before them and Pharaoh and his army behind them quickly gaining speed, Moses obeyed God and continued to direct the Israelites to the sea. Then came God's provision. The sea was divided and they walked on dry land. Pharoh and and army were wiped out.

If God's provision came in our own designated time frame it wouldn't build our faith in God. It would be more of a Christmas Gift senario than a rescue mission.

So the next time we hear ourselves utter the words,

"Lord, I'm going to need a miracle here!" let's believe. God opened the sea. He can open opportunities.

God Bless,

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Living to Trust God

I've been praying a lot about being content. Not running ahead of God to fulfill my own desires (which in turn builds my human pride.) Instead- focus on the lifelong goal to put God first. And here's what I have learned.

God's Peace

When I walk away from my first priority (which is serving Christ) I lose God's peace that passes all understanding. Instead I become frustrated. I was once told the definition of frustration is "a blocked goal." It's only now that I'm realizing, "What if God is blocking these human goals from being fulfilled in my time frame because He wants to be the centre of all I do and say?

When I seek other things before him I'm putting his direction in my life on the back burner. Also by operating on human strength I'm clearly not living through Christ's strength.

Because God is all knowing there is probably a good reason my plans (apart from trusting God) are not happening.

Quite simply- If God wants me at point a in life and through my own pride and selfishness I want to move on to point b- I'm clearly disobeying God.

The answer- go back to point a where there was God's peace and trust Him for the outcome knowing His plan and timing in my life are far greater than my own.

God Bless.