Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Treasures in Heaven"

I am writing this blog because I feel it may help someone.
Here's my story.

In 2000 I bought a 1:18 diecast car on a complete whim. Soon I had a few more. Then I thought I would lesson the cost of what was becoming idols and got into Hot wheels. BY 2001 I had hundreds of them. I knew something was wrong when I realized I didn't care about them yet I
I wanted them to stay in perfect shape. (never been opened) Then I got into "Treasure Hunts"
average value for these is $20-$30. Some go as high as $60 depending how rare. Soon I branched off into figurines. Marvel, DC, even Scooby Do! I know that's a little nuts.

One night I got a call from a collector who had got me a Treasure Hunt - Olds 444. God convicted my heart and told me to sell off.

I went over that night to his place with all my boxes and boxes of stuff. He bought all my treasure hunts. I told him to put the rest on eBay. On my way home someone hit my car which was a piece of junk and I got more from SGI than it was worth.
God had blessed me with cash for a new vehicle without the hassle of getting rid of the old one because I had obeyed.

I sold all the hot wheels. Made very little but felt free inside. Unfortunately the figurines and 1:18 scale didn't move.

In 2oo7 I still had this stuff in a box in my room. I had stopped collecting but this box of toys was starting to bother me. God spoke to my heart very strongly, " Mark I want toys in your life for your children. You're 33. I felt embarrassed. "Then what do I do with this stuff God?" I replied.
God spoke again and said, "Bring it to U-drop-E sell."

Within a day I brought it all down to the store. In the end I got rid of all my toys, sold everything
for almost nothing, but finally had that peace like I wasn't try to overstep God in what would make me happy. The chains were lifted.

People say drugs, alcohol, and smoking are vices. I totally agree. Stuff is also a vice.

In the Bible Jesus clearly states,
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Matthew 6:19

What is the treasure in your life? When you get a paycheck what's the first thing you want to buy? If anyone asked your friends what you value the most what would they say?

God Bless.


One Lily said...

Thank you, mark.
You brought up something very needful in my life right now.
Funny how you can help someone without knowing or understanding how or why~ but this was meant for me to see~

Mark Birkland said...

Thanks violet for your compliments.
Please keep me in prayer right now.
God has been using me to do a lot of things for him the last few years but I've felt very unattached to everything. Now that vulnerbility seems to be coming back. I think what God does with Christians is He trains us to obey
giving us such a strong desire we don't see any options except obey Him. Then when we mature in our faith He shows us that strong desire to obey Him was coming from Him the whole time. We will live our lives knowing that he truly works through us by the Holy Spirit to change lives.