Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Keep Going!

Perseverance is my motto
On this very dizzying roller coaster ride
In every trial I have had no choice but to put God first
Not myself, nor my pride has mattered.

I'm a warrior
Armoured with God's armour
The shield of faith in front me
Obstructing a fleet of arrows

Preventing their poisonous tips from piercing my skin
Onward I marched one year at a time
Involved in the "cross" fire
Now looking back

These years served one major purpose
Before life was about me- my income, my pride, who I wanted to be
Now it's the revelation that God has given me my life is about Him
Others will see Him through me

Willingly accepting "God's truth" spoken through a human voice
So many times I used to go trial and error
Trials will continue but errors will and have decreased
All who ask confidently are given Spiritual Wisdom

Resulting in a man and a life
That is prepared to serve the highest calling ever
Serve Christ

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