Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Mild Persecution"

So I've been slammed many times by people saying things like,
Are you sure God is telling you these things? (Well, what they mean is the Holy Spirit)
Anyways today I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to go to the library and blog. I booked a computer for an hour (I only have 45 min. left) Getting to the library early I sat down on a bus bench and started reading one of my books. Whamm!! I tasted blood on my lower lip. I looked down and saw all this snow on my shoulder and book I was reading. When I looked up I saw this young guy hanging out of the window of a mini van driving by. Oh yeahhh.. he said smugly.
I had been hit in the face by a snowball from a guy in a moving vehicle. The thought crossed my mind, What are the odds of him hitting me in a moving vehicle? That's when the Holy Spirit showed I was being attacked prior to this message I'm writing right now.

I said victoriously, "Praise the Lord".

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